IT Support and Services for
   Your Business and Home

About Us
Welcome to DVMK Technologies

We are here to analyze and resolve the most intricate processes and deliver market’s best solution and services to your business problems. 

We offer a fast, friendly and above all cost effective way to solve your IT headaches. Whether you are a home user or a busy company, we aim to offer high level of dedicated service supporting Windows, Apple and UNIX based Operating Systems. 

Any IT issue, just give us a call "We are always around to keep you going". 

What DVMK Technologies Can Offer

The Dvmk Tech Guys  offer Computer Repairs and IT Services in London and outer skirts to individuals, small and medium sized businesses. Our diverse services stretch from simple computer repairs to complex infrastructure issues.

So, please call us for prompt, professional, courteous personal service and talk to one of our technicians or sales staff. Busy schedule! No worries, we can visit you at your home or business premises to discuss the matter.

Our Team

Our Technicians come from wide variety of backgrounds. Most of them have Post-Graduate degree with specialization in their respective field of work.  With their high –level education and experience, they provide practical, hands-on operations and pragmatic solutions to business issues.

They are dedicated in improving bottom line across the entire life cycle of your product. They provide an objective, independent perspective to help companies realize their full potential of their business and IT resources.